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Helpful Tips and Custom Orders - DVBridal

After working as a bridal consultant at a high-end boutique in West Hartford, CT; I completely fell in love with bridal fashion. I started DVCouture with the intentions of helping brides like yourself find exactly what you are looking for your wedding day and with the ability to fully customize or personalize your hair accessory or veil. Here are some tips on how to choose your bridal hair accessories and veils. If you need help with your bridal styling or choosing your accessory please email us and we will be happy to help you! I put together some tips on how to choose the perfect bridal accessories for your big day and what to keep in mind when you are shopping for them! Hope this helps!

Enjoy your Shopping,


Bespoke bridal accessories and veils ♥

I will work one on one with you to make sure that I fully understand the idea for your piece, therefore designing the perfect piece for you. Whether is through phone, email, in person or a Skype conference call; we will meet to discuss your ideas for your accessory. I will provide you with a sketch and pictures to give you a better idea of what your final accessory will be. All your thoughts and ideas will be incorporated in the making of your bespoke acessory. If you have something in mind and you would want me to make it for you, contact me now.

It's all about choosing the right bridal accessory ♥

When thinking of bridal shopping the first thing that comes to mind is the wedding dress, but what is a dress without the accessories? Accessorizing for your wedding day is just as important. In fact not only important but personal, this is the one way you can truly personalize and set you apart from other brides. 

Keep in mind ♥

When shopping for jewelry and accessories it's important to keep in mind your dress and yourself. The goal is to feel and look like yourself only more glam.

When choosing accessories choose something that compliments your gown but most importantly something that fits your personality.

When it comes to the bridal headpiece or veil most brides feel like they have to wear a veil. I mean is tradition right? Good news ladies, now in days there are a lot more options. If you don't love the idea of wearing a traditional veil, go for a stunning headpiece full of crystals or pearls like our Bella Bridal Comb or soft organza flower clips like our Diana Bridal Hair Clips and if you are thinking of a more vintage look try a fun birdcage like our vintage style Nicole Birdcage.

Remember is your day, you have to love the way you look and you want to feel comfortable. Go for what makes you feel beautiful and like yourself!  

Some Last Tips ♥

-Wherever you decide to buy from, shop early. Most bridal accessories, veils, bridal belts and sashes are considered Custom Orders, these take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks of delivery. For your convenience most of the accessories in our DVCoutureBridal line have shorter delivery times 10 -20 days but there are a few items that can take longer specially beaded sashes or veils.  

-You don’t have to exactly match your dress with the same embellishments but you do need to compliment it. 

-If you have a heavy beaded dress, go for a simple, clean cut veil, you want to balance things out and keep the focus on you and not just the accessories or dress! 

-If you are going for sparkle, AB color crystals and beads will sparkle more than clear color crystals. 

-If you are choosing peals, make sure you match them to your dress and the rest of your accessories. If you are unsure of colors please get in touch with me prior to placing an order and I will work with you to choose the best color.

-HAVE fun and let your personality shine through your choice of bridal accessories!