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My Story - DVBridal

A little about me ♥ and how I started

Fashion and design has always been part of my life. As I sketched away ideas of my ideal outfits in middle school to then learning about patterns and sewing in high school, to making my own clothes and prom gowns.  It is just one of those things I knew since young I wanted to do.  While attending the University of Rhode Island for fashion design and merchandising, I started working as a sales consultant at a high end bridal boutique. That is when I fell in love and obsessed with bridal fashion. From all the intricate details, the smooth butter-like laces, to all the sparkly details on the gowns and accessories. Everything about it seemed perfect, a complete work of art. That is when I realized how much I loved and enjoyed bridal design.

That is how my business was born. I fell in love with creating bridal accessories and they began selling at Camille Bridal Boutique in 2012 until; sadly the store closed. That however, led to this new chapter; opening an online bridal boutique that offering my own brand DVCouture.

Aside of by business, I have experience working full time as an assistant technical designer. I am a mommy of two little girls, Jade and Natalia. They along with my husband are the loves of my life! On my free time I enjoy taking walks with my family and working on artsy home projects.

About me


I carefully search and find specific accessories and jewelry that I feel will fit my customers. I want to ensure that I can offer the best quality and value but most importantly I want to offer pieces that are truly made with love. As a designer myself I put a lot of value in handmade items, because I understand the patience, passion and amount of time that is invested into each piece. Although handmade pieces are my passion, I plan to offer ready to ship affordable options because I believe brides of all budgets should have the opportunity to find their dream accessory.

As for the DVCouturBridal brand, I create my designs completely by hand. Each piece is unique and made one at a time, from beginning to end.  Every flower petal and veil is individually cut. Each crystal or bead is hand placed and every lace appliqué attached by hand one at a time.  What you receive is truly a custom made piece that is specially made for your wedding day! So browse around and enjoy the collections and be ready to fall in love with your accessories, and please don't forget to send us pictures! WE love to see our brides sparkling with our accessories.